Oracle Solaris Studio

Comprehensive Toolsuite for Oracle Solaris and Linux

  • Compiler Suite maximizes application performance on Oracle systems
  • Analysis Suite provides powerful performance, memory and thread analysis capabilities
  • IDE increases developer productivity
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Features and Benefits

  Compiler Suite
 C, C++, and Fortran Compilers

  Compiler Page

C, C++ and Fortran compilers with advanced optimization capabilities to maximize application performance on Oracle systems

Generate up to 4.8x faster code on Oracle systems compared to open source alternatives

Support the latest industry standards, including the C++ 2011 language standard and OpenMP 4.0

   Debugger Page

Advanced debugging features help developers quickly locate coding errors in single and multi-thread applications

Handles applications built with Oracle Solaris Studio or GNU compilers

Available via the command line, integrated into the IDE, or as a stand-alone graphical debugger to meet various user needs  
 Performance Library

   Performance Library Page

Collection of advanced numeric solver libraries that maximize compute-intensive application performance

Tuned and optimized for the latest Oracle systems (SPARC & x86)

Leverage parallelization features of the Oracle Solaris Studio C, C++ and Fortran compilers
  Analysis Suite
 Performance Analyzer

   Performance Analyzer Page

C, C++, Java and Fortran application profiling tool for quickly identifying performance bottlenecks in fully optimized and parallelized production code

Feature rich UI provides comprehensive performance data views and advanced filtering, sorting, navigation and timeline visualization capabilities

Increase  efficiency with remote analysis support that allows you to profile applications and view experiments on a remote server from virtually any desktop environment
  Code Analyzer

   Code Analyzer Page

Identifies common coding errors, including memory leaks, and improves application reliability, security, and quality

Synthesizes data collected through static analysis during application compilation, dynamic run-time analysis, and code coverage analysis

Results can be viewed through an interactive UI or command line interface to meet scripting needs
 Thread Analyzer

   Thread Analyzer Page

Detects hard to find race and deadlock errors in multi-threaded, parallel applications

Can be run on production binaries, eliminating the need to recompile with instrumentation

Supports applications written using Oracle Solaris threads, P-threads, or OpenMP
  Solaris Studio IDE

   IDE Page

Enhances developer productivity with award-winning NetBeans-based IDE tailored for C, C++, and Fortran developers