Oracle's high-density Sun Blade 6000 modular systems integrate x86 and SPARC-based servers, storage, and networking capabilities to support a broad range of IT workloads. Controlled by a single system management interface, the architecture of the Sun Blade 6000 chassis provides an open, standards-based infrastructure for virtualization and consolidation, as well as enterprise cloud deployments. Thanks to their high memory capacity and I/O bandwidth, Oracle's Sun blades are often used for virtualization, database and business applications, and enterprise cloud deployments.

Sun Blade x86-based Server Renaming

 Oracle’s x86 Server Type

   Former Product Name

      New Product Name

 2 socket Blade Enterprise

 Sun Blade X6270 M3
      server module

      Sun Blade X3-2B
        server module


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Sun Blade 6000 Chassis
3D Demo
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