Netra Servers Downloads

The My Oracle Support website is for hardware related downloads including firmware, drivers, bios, system controllers, ALOM, ILOM, diagnostics and other hardware dependent software. Customers with the appropriate entitlement will find hardware related downloads on this support website.

To go directly to the Netra server firmware downloads summary and release history, follow these Quick Links:

Quick Links

Firmware Downloads Summary and Release History for Netra Servers

Note: The list below is not comprehensive. It contains only the most recently available systems. You can use My Oracle Support to manually search for downloads for older systems by using the steps listed above or you can click here.

 Netra SPARC T4-1
 Netra Modular System
 Netra Server X5-2

Otherwise, to find your download, follow these instructions:

1. Sign in to My Oracle Support.
2. Click the "Patches & Updates" tab.
3. In the "Patch Seach" box in the right side, select "Product or Family (Advanced Search)".
4. Enter a partial product name for "Product is". A list of matches will be displayed. Select the product of interest.
5. Select one or more releases in the "Release is" drop down and close the pop-up window.
6. Click Search. A list of product downloads (listed as patches) will be displayed. Select the download of interest. This will take you to the Download Information Page.
7. Select the Download button to initiate the download.