Netra Carrier-Grade Servers

Designed for the Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Service Providers (SPs) and Military/Government customers, Sun Netra Carrier-Grade portfolio is a comprehensive line of ruggedized, NEBS-certified SPARC and x86 blade and rackmount servers supporting all major Operating Systems. These servers deliver 5x9s availability for environments that require uninterrupted operations, and come in an optimized form factor for Telco industry needs. The Netra portfolio offers extended product life cycless, which translates into significant cost savings for telco central offices and network datacenter deployments.

 Netra Carrier-Grade x86 Systems Renaming

  Oracle’s x86 Server Type

  Former Product Name

  New Product Name

2 socket 2U Carrier-Grade

  Sun Netra X4270 M3

      Netra Server X3-2

2 socket Blade Carrier-Grade

  Sun Netra X6270 M3

      Netra Blade X3-2B


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3D Demos

Netra Server X3-2
3D Demo
Netra Server X3-2B
3D Demo
Netra X4270 Server
3D Demo
Netra T5440
3D Demo
Netra CT900 Blade Server
3D Demo
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