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Sun Ray Clients

Oracle's Sun Ray Clients are simple, ultra-reliable, low-power devices that are ideal for displaying server-hosted virtual desktops. Sun Ray Clients are designed for secure, cost-effective virtualized desktop environments and don't require a local operating system or management, eliminating the complexity, expenses, and security vulnerabilities associated with other thin client and PC solutions.

Sun Ray Software

Sun Ray Software is a secure and cost-effective solution that delivers a rich virtual desktop experience for Sun Ray Clients, PCs, and laptops. It provides access to virtual desktop environments from nearly any location and dramatically reduces the complexity and operational costs incurred by traditional PC deployments.

What's New

  • Sun Ray Hardware Last Order Dates & Extension of Premier Support for Desktop Virtualization Software - IMPORTANT NOTE: Sun Ray Client hardware, Peripheral Kits, and Smart Cards have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. Sun Ray Software Premier Level Support will continue to be available until November 30, 2017. Refer to this document for further details. (Last updated September 15, 2016).
  • Important Information about Oracle Desktop Virtualization Products
  • Oracle VM Template for Sun Ray Software 5.4 - Oracle VM Templates provide an easy, fast, and cost effective approach to deploying a fully configured software stack by offering pre-installed and pre-configured software images. The Oracle VM Template for Sun Ray Software 5.4 is now available for Oracle Linux 6.3 (64-bit).
  • Sun Ray Software 5.4 - This release provides integrated management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, enabling visibility into the health of the Sun Ray Software infrastructure, services and sessions. New supported deployment platforms now extend to Oracle Linux 6 and Solaris 11. Fast and secure smart card authentication services for Windows sessions are made available for deployments on Oracle Linux. Virtual sessions are dynamically resized when rotating a tablet device, and when resizing the session window, with Oracle Virtual Desktop Client. With Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.1, network traffic is secured between the Sun Ray Client and server with the IPsec authentication and encryption. For these and other new features, download Sun Ray Software 5.4 from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.1 from My Oracle Support, or go to Downloads.
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for Android - Secure anywhere, anytime access to all your server-hosted sessions, desktops and applications from an Android tablet. Simple to configure and connect, and intuitive and easy to use. Download it from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or go to Downloads and install it on your Android tablet today.
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad 1.2 - This release provides a richer virtual desktop user experience from your iPad, including a new and simplified configuration interface, an improved on-screen keyboard, new gestures, support for higher iPad screen resolutions, and copy and paste functionality between iPad and virtual desktop applications. Download this latest release from the iTunes/App Store.
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.2 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) - With this release, you can now access a wide range of locally attached USB devices from your virtual sessions and desktops. You now have the additional choice of using your Windows 8 (desktop mode) client device to access your virtual environments. Get these and other new updates from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or go to Downloads.





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