Oracle Linux JeOS
With Oracle Linux JeOS (Just Enough OS, JeOS readme) - a secure, minimized OS that is freely re-distributable and backed by enterprise-class support - developers and ISVs can now easily build Oracle VM Templates. Oracle VM Templates are pre-installed and pre-configured software images which eliminate installation and configuration costs, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, and help organizations achieve faster time to market and lower cost of operations. Oracle Linux JeOS includes a pre-packaged, small-footprint Oracle Linux image for x86 and x86-64, along with a script to customize the image. Only Oracle provides enterprise-class support for both a completely free hypervisor, and a freely re-distributable OS. Together, Oracle VM and Oracle Linux deliver the flexibility ISVs and software developers demand. Download Oracle Linux JeOS today.

ISV Benefits
For ISVs, using Oracle Linux JeOS to build Oracle VM Templates offers numerous benefits:
  • Gain new customers, expand distribution channels
  • Increase market penetration, adoption, and renewals
  • Accelerate sales cycles, increase conversion rates

With Oracle Linux JeOS, anyone can put their applications on top of a small footprint, enterprise operating system and build a full stack virtual machine or Oracle VM Template. The resulting Oracle VM Template is freely re-distributable, without trial license requirements, and is backed by enterprise-class support.

Oracle VM Template Builder
Oracle VM Template Builder, an open source, graphical utility that makes it easy to use Oracle Linux “Just enough OS” (JeOS)–based scripts for developing pre-packaged virtual machines for Oracle VM. Now, end-users and ISVs have the option to develop their Oracle VM Templates by using these JeOS-based scripts directly or via the graphical Oracle VM Template Builder. Oracle VM Template Builder uses “JeOS” to facilitate building an operating system instance with only the absolute minimum packages needed for an Oracle VM Template, helping to reduce the disk footprint by up to 2GB or more per guest virtual machine, and to improve security and reliability. Oracle VM Template Builder is not only distributed as software packages via the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) and Oracle's public yum repository, but also distributed as an Oracle VM Template that you can download from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud site.

To get started with Oracle Linux JeOS, visit Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and download Oracle Linux JeOS for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 bit). See the instructions:

  • Visit Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
  • Complete your registration information (Name, Company Name, Email Address and Country) and click on the download agreement
  • Select "Oracle Linux" from the "Select a Product Pack" pull-down menu
  • Select "x86 32-bit" or "x86 64 bit" from the "Platform" pull-down menu
  • Click "Go" and then select from the list of downloads, either:
    • Oracle Linux JeOS for Building Oracle VM templates for x86 (32 bit)
    • Oracle Linux JeOS for Building Oracle VM templates for x86_64 (64 bit)
  • Read the readme and download and unzip the files
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