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Oracle VM Templates Best Practices for Rapid Oracle Database Deployment

Oracle VM application driven architecture is designed to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes—10x faster than with other solutions.

Oracle VM Virtual Appliances, also known as Oracle VM Templates, provide an innovative approach to deploying a fully configured software stack by offering pre-installed and pre-configured software images. Use of Oracle VM Templates eliminates the installation and configuration costs, and reduces the ongoing maintenance costs helping organizations achieve faster time to market and lower cost of operations. Oracle VM Templates of many key Oracle products are available for download, including Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and many more; see the complete list below. 

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Virtualization and Management

Applications and Middleware

Database & Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Operating System

3rd Party Software