Configuring the Sun Fire X4500 Server as Network Attached Archival Storage for Symantec Enterprise Vault

Tim Thomas, January 2008


This document describes how to use the Sun Fire X4500 Server running the Solaris 10 Operating System, Sun StorageTek Storage Archive Manager, and Solaris ZFS to construct a high-density, high-capacity, high-performance, low-cost Network Attached Archival Storage system for Symantec Enterprise Vault.

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  • Introduction
  • Solution Description
    • Symantec Enterprise Vault
    • Topology of an Enterprise Vault Site
    • Storage Archive Manager and Enterprise Vault
  • Features and Best Practices
    • WORM Storage
    • SAMBA Support
    • SAM Archiving Policies
  • Testing the Sun Fire X4500 Server as Network Attached Archival Storage for the Enterprise Vault/SAM Solution
    • Hardware and Software
    • Performance Tests
    • Test Results
  • Configuring the Solution
    • Configuring the Sun Fire X4500 Server
    • Configuring Storage Archive Manager
    • Configuring Enterprise Vault
  • Managing the Solution
    • Sun Fire X4500 Server
    • SAM
    • SAMBA
  • Scaling the Solution
  • Appendix: The x4500samconfig Script
    • Test Mode
    • Resetting a Configured Sun Fire X4500 Server
  • For More Information

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