Sun Storage J4000 Arrays as 3000-Mailbox Solution for Microsoft Exchange 2007 With LCR

Ryan Pratt, November 2008


This paper describes a fully tested and validated storage solution for a 3000-mailbox Microsoft Exchange 2007 implementation using Local Continuous Replication (LCR). LCR is a high-availability feature of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that combines the asynchronous log shipping and replay technology built into Microsoft Exchange 2007.

For more details, see the list of contents below.

Download the document as PDF.


  • Overview
  • Disclaimer
  • Features
  • Solution Description
    • Targeted Customer Profile
    • Tested Deployment
    • Streaming Backup
  • Best Practices
    • Core Storage/Replication
  • Test Result Summary
    • Reliability
    • Primary Storage Performance Results
    • Replicated Storage Performance Results
    • Streaming Backup/Recovery Performance
      • Database Read-only Performance
      • Log Read-only Performance
      • Backup to Disk Performance
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress
  • Performance Test Result Report -- LCR Primary Storage
  • Performance Test Result Report -- LCR Secondary Storage
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 2
  • Streaming Backup Test Result Report
  • Streaming Backup to Disk Test Result Report
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 3
  • SoftRecovery Test Result Report
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 4
  • Stress Test Result Report

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