Sun Storage J4400 Arrays as 6000-Mailbox Solution for Microsoft Exchange 2007 With CCR

Ryan Pratt, June 2009


This document describes a fully tested and validated storage solution with the Sun Storage J4400 array for a 6000-mailbox Microsoft Exchange 2007 implementation using Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR). CCR is a high-availability feature of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that combines the asynchronous log shipping and replay technology built into Microsoft Exchange 2007.

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  • Overview
  • Disclaimer
  • Features
  • Solution Description
    • Targeted Customer Profile
    • Tested Deployment
  • Best Practices
    • Core Storage/Replication
  • Test Result Summary
    • Reliability
    • Primary Storage Performance Results
    • Replicated Storage Performance Results
    • Streaming Backup/Recovery Performance
      • Database Read-only Performance
      • Log Read-only Performance
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress
      • Performance Test Result Report -- CCR Primary Copy
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 2
      • Performance Test Result Report -- CCR Secondary Copy
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 3
      • SoftRecovery Test Result Report
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 4
      • Streaming Backup Test Result Report

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