Setting Up MySQL Cluster Software Using Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology

Hashamkha Pathan, August 2008


This document describes how to set up MySQL Cluster software in a Solaris Zones environment, as if it were running on independent physical servers. This setup is useful for replicating an environment in-house without using multiple physical systems. The author shows that it is also possible to extend the setup to use Solaris Zones on different physical systems.

For more details, see the list of contents below.

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  • Introduction
  • Steps for Setting Up MySQL Cluster Software With Solaris Zones
    • 1. Create Solaris Zones
      • 1.1 Create the Zones Using the Command Line
      • 1.2 Create the Zones Using a Script
    • 2. Install MySQL Cluster Software
      • 2.1 Download and Install MySQL Cluster Software for the Solaris OS for x64 Platforms
      • 2.2 Set Up the Configuration for the MySQL Server ( my.cnf)
      • 2.3 Verify Access to the MySQL Server
      • 2.4 Modify root User Environment ( .profile)
    • 3. Configure and Test MySQL Cluster Software
      • 3.1 Configure the Management Node
      • 3.2 Configure the Data and SQL Nodes
      • 3.3 Start and Stop the Cluster
      • 3.4 Test the Cluster Operation
  • Acknowledgments

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