Sun Fire X4540 Server as Backup Server for Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise 2.6 Software

Thomas Hanvey (Sun Microsystems), Dmitri Joukovski and Ken Crandall (Zmanda); September 2008


This quick-start guide provides an introduction to configuring the Sun Fire X4540 server as a backup server for Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6 software. The article provides examples for configuring the zpool and ZFS file systems on the Solaris 10 OS and installing Amanda Enterprise Edition to utilize the Sun Fire X4540 server.

For more details, see the list of contents below.

Download the document as PDF.


  • Introduction
  • Configuration
    • Overview
    • Solaris OS Configuration
    • Zpool Configuration
    • ZFS Configuration
    • Amanda Enterprise Edition Configuration
    • Amanda Enterprise Edition Monitoring and Reporting
    • Recovery Using the Zmanda Management Console
  • Summary

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