Pillar Axiom Storage Systems Qualified for Oracle ASR

Pillar Axiom Storage Systems
are qualified for ASR.

The Pillar Axiom Call-Home feature is integrated with Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR).

ASR Configuration instructions:

Follow the instructions in the appropriate version of the Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide to:

  • Configure Call-Home Settings
  • Test Call-Home

To complete the ASR activation process and enable service requests to be automatically created when specific faults occur, follow the instructions in:

How To Manage and Approve Pending ASR Assets In My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1329200.1)
(requires My Oracle Support login to access.)

ASR fault coverage information:

Pillar Products (AX300, AX400, AX500, AX600, and older systems)

Note 1:
Release 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 encountered issues with Call Home not allowing sessions if going through a proxy using http.  Refer to Pillar Axiom 500/600 Customer Notes, Release 5.3 id 13746537 for details.
Options for resolving this issue are:


Note 2: Heartbeat functionality is based on a weekly Test Call Home being automatically sent by the Pillar Axiom. For more details refer to Pillar Axiom Administrator Guide.