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Clarification regarding DST patching for Sun Fire Firmware 5.20.5

It has come to our attention that for all versions of firmware at or below, 5.18.6, 5.19.8, and 5.20.4, depending on how our customers have set timezone on they servers, may have an exposure. The problem identified is for any customer who uses the America/ designation when setting up the System Controllers. It appears this format for timezones is not fixed for all Canadian locations with the older versions of firmware (5.18.6, 5.19.8 and 5.20.4). If you did not use this format, or timezones were set to CST,PRT,EST.CST,MST,PST,AST or GMT-"??" when setting up your System controller, you are not impacted.

The new firmware version fixes this issue, version 5.20.5. If you do not wish to apply the latest firmware of 5.20.5, the issue can be resolved by using a GMT offset value for setting your date. Reboot will not be required if you use this method. If you choose to apply the 5.20.5 firmware, remember to reboot the domains to observe the new firmware.

Sun Best Practices used by EIS:
Setup date & timezone for platform shell.
To list valid timezones enter: setdate -t list
setdate -t EST mmddHHMM[YY]

Set up date & timezone for domain shell.
To list valid timezones enter: setdate -t list
setdate -t EST \ mmddHHMM[YY]

Below are the technical details and quick checks to verify if your are impacted or not.

**Example was done on system in Vancouver but applies to all Canadian Cities**
Verify your setting using:

1. Suspect and need to be corrected using note 2.:
SC> showdate -v
Wed Mar 07 13:04:25 PST 2007
America/Vancouver GMT-08:00 Pacific Standard Time

2. Not impacted for new DST rules:
SC> showdate -v
Wed Mar 07 15:58:46 GMT-08:00 2007
Custom GMT-08:00


SC> showdate -v
Wed Mar 07 13:05:35 PST 2007
PST GMT-08:00 Pacific Standard Time

3. Example on how to set this form the SC Platform Shell:
SC> setdate [-v] -t GMT<+|->
SC> setdate [-v] -t (CST,PRT,EST.CST,MST,PST,AST)

CNT GMT-03:30 Newfoundland Standard Time
PRT GMT-04:00 Atlantic Standard Time
EST GMT-05:00 Eastern Standard Time
CST GMT-06:00 Central Standard Time
MST GMT-07:00 Mountain Standard Time
PST GMT-08:00 Pacific Standard Time
AST GMT-09:00 Alaska Standard Time

This will have to be done from each Domain Shells in use as well.
sc:A> setdate [-v] -t GMT<+|-><offset from GMT>
sc:B> setdate [-v] -t GMT<+|-><offset from GMT>
sc:C> setdate [-v] -t GMT<+|-><offset from GMT>
sc:D> setdate [-v] -t GMT<+|-><offset from GMT>

*** Do not change the time on the SC as it will effect the domain.***
*** Make sure you choose a GMT offset that matches your TZ region required***
*** Changing the timezone on the SC will not effect the domain ***
*** Reboot not required if using this method ***