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The procedure for updating the timezone database on the ST5xxx NAS is as follows.

last updated on: 2007-03-12

  1. Download the current timezone database files from The desired file will have a name of the form tcdataYYYYn.tar.gz, for example; tzdata2007c.tar.gz
  2. Use gunzip and tar to extract the database files.
    The extracted files reference various continents and regions as shown below. There are currently eleven regions.
    • africa
    • antarctica
    • asia
    • australasia
    • etcetera
    • europe
    • northamerica
    • pacificnew
    • solar87
    • southamerica
  3. If a user wishes to update to the latest timezone rules, they will need to copy the group desired into the /cvol/nf1/tz or /cvol/nf2/tz directory depending on the value in /cvol/defstart. This will truncate the filenames to 8 characters and the area names will appear as foillows:

    africa, antarcti, asia, australa, etcetera, europe, northame, pacificn, solar87, southame

    After the area, i.e. northame, has been copied into the destination directory, the user must run:

    > zic /cvol/nf2/tz/northame (for North America)

    to extract the specific timezones from the continent.

    Rebooting is not required.

Change Log

Note: This Change Log only reflects changes made to this web page. Please refer to product specific information for details of product updates.
  • [2007-03-12] corrected zic command filename and example tzdata filename