Learning Path: Getting Started With MIDP

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New to Java Programming Center

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  Audio Casts


Book Chapters

Code Samples

Find a Device


Java University

Java ME Quiz


Sun Educational Services

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  Windows MIDP Setup Explained

What's New in the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0

K Virtual Machine APIs

Testing Wireless Java Applications

Managing Wireless Builds with Ant

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.   About Getting Started with MIDP .
  Audience: Beginning
Estimated time: 12 hours

The goal of this learning path is to help you to start developing wireless applications using the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). This learning path has three starting points: Overviews, Tutorials, and Code Samples. Choose the one that you prefer when investigating this technology.

A prerequisite for this learning path is a basic background in Java programming. The Java Tutorial and the New to Java Programming Center are recommended for brief reviews. Additional introductory MIDP resources and related introductory materials are also available in the Resources and Related Materials boxes.

Getting Started With MIDP

Next Steps

Now that you've completed this learning path, you can go on to the core topics for full-featured J2ME wireless development.

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