What You See Is What You Get Element Hands-On Labs for Oracle Solaris 

Use these hands-on labs to evaluate and become familiar with the operation of several Oracle Solaris technologies.


 Oracle Solaris for IBM AIX Users New! 
This lab explores the basics of the administration of Oracle Solaris 11 for administrators who are experienced with IBM AIX.
 Oracle Solaris 11 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Users New! 
This Lab introduces the basics of administration of Oracle Solaris 11 for existing administrators who are experienced with Red Had Enterprise Linux.


 Install Oracle Solaris on Oracle VM VirtualBox
This lab is a prerequisite to the upcoming labs. It installs an Oracle Solaris 11 virtual machine for Oracle VM VirtualBox on your system. Instructions and prerequisites are provided for Windows, MacOS, Solaris, and Linux.


 Protecting Your Applications with Oracle Solaris Security
How to use role-based access controls (RBAC) and assign privileges to both users and processes. Also, how to use the Service Management Facility to give non-privilege aware processes the correct level of privileges. Great background material, too!

Data Management

 How to Set Up a Hadoop Cluster Using Oracle Solaris New !
This hands-on lab presents exercises that demonstrate how to set up an Apache Hadoop cluster using Oracle Solaris 11 technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, ZFS, and network virtualization.
 Introducing to the Oracle Solaris ZFS File System
A hands-on tutorial on the basics of Oracle Solaris ZFS. This lab describes how devices are used in storage pools, including performance and availability implications.

Software Management

 Oracle Solaris 11 Packaging for Administrators New! 
In this lab we will explore what's required to create a new software package in Oracle Solaris 11 for Nagios.
 Introduction to Image Packaging System (IPS) for Developers
This lab will introduce you to the IPS concepts, the process of managing system software, and the process of publishing your own software packages in IPS format.


 Deploying the Oracle Solaris Integrated Load Balancer in 60 Minutes New! 
This lab demonstrates how the Integrated Load Balancer feature of Oracle Solaris provides an easy and fast way to deploy a load-balancing system. It also shows how to use the different types of load-balancing modes offered by the Integrated Load Balancer.


 Oracle Solaris 11 in the Cloud New! 
Learn how Oracle Solaris 11 places cloud at it's core, integrating the key Oracle Solaris 11 features.
 Combining Virtual OS, Network and Storage in Oracle Solaris 11 
How to create, configure, and install an Oracle Solaris zone in its own ZFS file system, and assign it a virtual network interface. An interesting lab that shows you how to combine multiple virtualization features of Oracle Solaris with real-world benefits.