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» In Solaris Installation
» Migrating from UFS to ZFS
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Preinstallation Requirements
» System requirements
  UFS file systems:
  - 512 MB recommended
  - 384 MB minimum
  ZFS file system:
  - 786 MB minimum
  - 1 GB recommended for overall ZFS performance
» More requirements
» Supported Hardware
  Hardware Compatibility List
  Installation Check Tool

» Solaris Release Notes (All known Solaris issues)
» Installation/upgrade problems

How to Install or Upgrade the Solaris 10 10/09 OS

Are you a first time installer of Solaris on a single system?

The Solaris Installation program steps you through an installation.  

Do you want to install ZFS file systems or migrate your UFS file systems to ZFS?


Are you a system administrator who needs to...

Install Solaris on multiple machines?
Use JumpStart to automate your installation

Upgrade or patch your system with almost no downtime?
Save system downtime when upgrading using Solaris Live Upgrade (Examples)

Install or patch multiple systems quickly?
Create a Solaris Flash archive: Install with a copy on clone systems

Do a secure installation over the network or Internet?
Use WAN boot to install a remote client

The Solaris 10 Upgrade Resources Topic Hub

Check out the Upgrade hub for articles and other resources for upgrading.