last updated on 2009-08-06

Patching Support

The following items will point you in the right direction for Solaris Patching Support

What's New:

"Ask the Expert" online question and answer session about patching issues.
See the Solaris Patching XPert Session Transcript.

Sunsolve Support

  • Sunsolve home page - for all your support needs
  • Sunsolve patch page - Find a specific patch or get more information about patching
  • Patch access changes - Are you running the Solaris 8, 9, or 10 OS? If yes, find out more about the latest patch access changes.
  • Free Patches? Learn Which Patches Are Free or for a Fee.

    The following lists note which patches are free or require a support contract. The "key" icon in the left corner denotes that the patch requires a support contract to download.

    SPARC Patch Lists X86 Patch Lists

What Level of Support Is Right for You?

Find the Sun service plan that fits your needs.

Get Solaris 10 OS support and services

Get Solaris 8 OS Vintage Support

You can now use Solaris Live Upgrade to upgrade from the Solaris 8 OS to the Solaris 10 OS.

Solaris 8 OS release begins Phase 2 of End of Service Life on April 1, 2009. If you are running Solaris 8 and want to continue patch support after April 1, read Solaris 8 Vintage Support.

Get Patch Management Tools

Solaris Patch Policy Entitlement Implementation Changes

Patch policy hasn't changed, but implementation has changed to reflect the policy. You need a support contract for timely access to patches.

View Lists of Patches For Each Solaris 10 Release

You can also view all the patches that were pre-applied to each release in the following documents. These document are available on for each Solaris release.

See these lists below.

Note: Patches released after each of the following releases can be found in the SunSolve patch lists above. The SunSolve lists contain patches for the entire Solaris 10 release.

Differences between the lists below and the SunSolve list above might occur. Some of the patches in the SunSolve list might be new patches or later revisions of those patches included in each release list below. Also, any patch that is in a particular Solaris release that was subsequently withdrawn from SunSolve will no longer be in the Sunsolve list.