Information About Sun SNMP Releases and Documentation

The Sun SNMP software releases are regularly updated in order to provide support for new systems and bug fixes. The current SNMP release is version 1.6.2. New releases of SNMP software usually completely replace the previous released version. SNMP 1.6.2 now requires Solaris 10 at a minimum, so SNMP 1.6 remains available to support older Solaris OS releases. It is always recommended that you install and run the latest SNMP release on your systems.

Documentation for the Sun SNMP Management Agent for Sun Fire and Sun Netra systems is available online.

An Administration Guide and Release Notes are available for the current SNMP 1.6.2 release.

Sun x64 Servers and Blade modules are supported with the Oracle Hardware Management Pack 2.1. There is a support matrix that shows which hardware platforms and operatings systems are supported by the Oracle Hardware Management Pack. Documentation for the Oracle Hardware Management Pack is here.


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