Software Stack Information for the Fujitsu M10-1 Server

The Software Stack platform specific components for the Fujitsu M10-1 Server consist of the Operating System, System Firmware, Virtualization and System Management components, along with common components like Compilers, Java, Middleware and other Software Tools. Updating any one of these individual components that make up the Software Stack may require others to also be updated. Oracle always recommends installation of the latest available versions for the best performance, security and stability.

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Operating Systems

The following Operating Systems are available for the Fujitsu M10-1 server:

Oracle Solaris 11

The latest information regarding Solaris 11 is available in the Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library.

Oracle Solaris 10

The Fujitsu M10-1 Server Product Notes contain detailed information about supported Solaris 10 versions and required patches. The latest information regarding Solaris 10 patches is available on the Patching Documentation Center page.



The eXtended System Control Facility (XSCF) system controller XCP firmware that ships on your Fujitsu M10-1 should be updated to the latest version available. The Fujitsu M10-1 Server may be shipped from the factory with an older version of the XCP Firmware.


To locate and download the latest version of the Fujitsu M10-1 System Firmware, go to the Oracle Technology Network Patching Center Firmware Download and Release History page. Follow the firmware upgrade instructions in the Fujitsu M10-1 Server Systems Operation and Administration Guide.


Systems Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is Oracle's single, integrated solution for managing all aspects of the data center. It enables you to discover, provision, update, manage, and monitor the physical and virtual assets in one or more of your data centers from a single console. The remote management capabilities are designed to help increase availability and utilization and minimize downtime. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is available for download along with online documentation.



Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly LDoms) virtualization technology is available for the Fujitsu M10-1.

The latest version of Oracle VM Server for SPARC along with release notes and detailed documentation and installation information can be downloaded from the Oracle VM Server for SPARC download page.



Additional Fujitsu M10-1 Information