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Multicore Development: Untangle your Threads using Sun Studio
Exploit the multiple cores in your machine using the Sun Studio software. Find out how Sun Studio compilers allow you to parallelize your application, dbx and the Thread Analyzer tools can detect data races and potential deadlocks, and the Performance Analyzer allows you to analyze the performance of your application for maximum perfomance.

Exploring the Next Generation IDE in Sun Studio Software
Learn some of the basic steps of developing a C, C++, or Fortran application using Sun Studio 12 IDE. This webinar will include tips for creating and configuring projects, navigating and editing source files, using runtime checking to automatically detect runtime errors (memory access, memory usage, memory leaks), and debugging using the dbx debugger.

The New Face of Sun Studio
Hear from Sun staff engineer and project lead for Sun Studio IDE, Gordon Prieur, spotlights some of the most interesting aspects of the new IDE and talks about which types of developers stand to benefit the most.

Develop and Accelerate Your Solaris and Linux Applications with Sun Studio Software
How can you reduce your project schedule, create higher quality applications, and accelerate your applications up to 80%? Join Vijay Tatkar as he discusses how the Sun Studio 12 software can simplify your development.

April 2007: Q&A on Upcoming Sun Studio 12 Release
Kuldip Oberoi, Product Line Manager in Developer Tools and Emerging Internet Technologies, has been working in the developer organization for 5 years, with the last two years as the product manager for Sun Studio. We sat down to discuss the upcoming release, Sun Studio 12, and why it is the most important release to date.

Multi-Threaded Development Made Easy
The new Sun Studio 12 includes Linux support, a new point-and-click IDE, and performance tools to make your apps hum. Check it out on the SDN Channel Blog. View the entire video.
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Sun Studio 12 Speed Trial
Sun Studio 12 and Solaris take on gcc and Linux in a speed trial using open source ray tracing code.