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 December 13, 2005
New Article: OpenMP Support in Sun Studio Compilers and Tools
An overview of the OpenMP model of computation, and describes OpenMP support in the Sun Studio compilers and tools, including reports on the performance of the SPEC OMP2001 benchmarks and directions for future work.   ?  Read more
 December 6, 2005
New Article: Sun Studio Support for the AMD64 Medium Memory Model
On a processor that supports 64-bit addresses, it would be nice to think that you could have as much code and data in your program as you could possibly want. Unfortunately, if your code used 64-bit addresses all the time, it would be much slower than a 32-bit program. To avoid that, the compiler and the linker try to use 64-bit address only where such addresses are required.    ?  Read more
 December 2, 2005
New Article: AMD64 Instruction-Level Debugging with Sun Studio dbx
Debugging at the machine-instruction level in the dbx command-line debugger environment becomes very handy when a software bug cannot be found easily. Usually, programs are written in high-level languages such as C, C++, or Fortran, and most of the software defects can be debugged in the dbx environment at the same high level.   ?  Read more