Oracle By Example (OBE) Series

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on a Single Database Instance

Don’t have time to learn about and try the latest Oracle 10g features and releases? Want to understand how Oracle Project Raptor, Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET and Automatic Storage Management can enhance your productivity and simplify your database development and manageability tasks?

The Oracle by Example (OBE) series provides hands-on tutorials that include step-by-step instructions on how to quickly deploy these features and perform the associated tasks. With the OBE series, you can reduce the time spent learning about the tasks and focus on doing them. Additionally, the real-world tutorials can serve as a foundation for your production implementation, reducing your time to deployment. The OBEs provide installation instructions and the scripts necessary to learn, for example, how to encrypt data using Transparent Data Encryption, extract data from XML documents using XQuery, manage disks and disk groups using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and backup and restore your database using RMAN.

Although you can use other Oracle environments, the OBEs in this series focus on the steps required in a Windows environment using a Single Database Instance.

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