Oracle Technology Network Developer License Terms

Export Controls on the Programs

Ticking the "I accept the License Terms and Export Restrictions" checkbox below is a confirmation of your agreement that you comply, now and during the trial term, with each of the following statements:

YES, I accept the License Terms and Export Restrictions and I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understood the agreement and agree to use the language I selected in entering into this agreement.

Oracle Employees: Under no circumstances are Oracle Employees authorized to download software for the purpose of distributing it to customers. Oracle products are available to employees for internal use or demonstration purposes only. In keeping with Oracle's trade compliance obligations under U.S. and applicable multilateral law, failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Note: You are bound by the Oracle Technology Network ("OTN") License Agreement terms. The OTN License Agreement terms also apply to all updates you receive under your Technology Track subscription.

The OTN License Agreement terms below supercede any shrinkwrap license on the OTN Technology Track software CDs and previous OTN License terms (including the Oracle Program License as modified by the OTN Program Use Certificate).

Should you have any questions concerning this License Agreement, or if you desire to contact Oracle for any reason, please write:
Oracle America, Inc.
500 Oracle Parkway,
Redwood City, CA 94065

Oracle may contact you to ask if you had a satisfactory experience installing and using this OTN software download.

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