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Security tools are a critical component for any application development project. Commercial requirements and government regulations dictate that sensitive data be kept confidential and protected from being altered. Oracle Security Developer Tools (OSDT) provide you with the cryptographic building blocks necessary for basic tasks such as secure messaging to more complicated projects such as securely implementing a service-oriented architecture.

OSDT is delivered as a set of Java libraries (JARs) that ship with Oracle Application Server and JDeveloper. OSDT is part of Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS), which provides an abstraction layer in the form of standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) that insulate developers from security and identity management implementation details.
  • Oracle Crypto is a pure Java library that provides core cryptography algorithms, including those mandated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in their FIPS publications.
  • Oracle Security Engine extends Oracle Crypto by offering X.509 based certificate management functions. This component is a superset of Oracle Crypto.
  • Oracle S/MIME implements the IETF S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Mail Extensions) specifications for secure email.
  • Oracle CMS implements the IETF Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) protocol. CMS defines data protection schemes that allow for secure message envelopes.
  • Oracle PKI SDK implements the security protocols that are necessary within Public Key Infrastructure implementations (LDAP, OCSP, TSP, CMP).
  • Oracle XML Security implements the W3C specifications for XML Encryption and XML Signature.
  • Oracle Web Services Security provides a framework for authentication and authorization using existing security technologies as outlined in the OASIS specification for Web Services Security.
  • Oracle SAML provides a framework for the exchange of security credentials amongst disparate systems and applications in an XML based format as outlined in the OASIS specification for the Security Assertions Mark-up Language.
  • Oracle Liberty SDK implements the Liberty Alliance Project specifications enabling federated single sign-on between third-party Liberty-compliant applications.
  • Oracle XKMS implements the W3C XKMS 2.0 specification providing PKI integration capabilities with Web Services.
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