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OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-In

The OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-In enables end-users to display and navigate Oracle OLAP data from within Excel.

Users can treat Oracle OLAP data as regular Excel data, for example by creating formulas and graphs, thus enabling them to combine the powerful analytic capabilities of Oracle OLAP with standard Excel functionality.

Using a wizard driven interface, users can select data from Oracle OLAP by choosing from a simple list of values, or by creating advanced selections, such as exceptions, top/ bottom, or hierarchy-based. Users can also create Oracle OLAP based calculations.

In this section of the Oracle by Example series, you will learn how to use Spreadsheet Add-In to quickly and easily create OLAP focused worksheets directly within Excel and extend the power of worksheets using existing Excel capabilities.

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 Using the OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-In
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