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Oracle Business Intelligence Beans

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Beans enables developers to productively build business intelligence applications that take advantage of the rich OLAP functionality in the Oracle database. BI Beans include presentation beans (graph and crosstab), data beans (query and calculation builders), and persistence services. BI Beans applications can be deployed in both HTML-client or Java-client environments. BI Beans is seamlessly integrated into Oracle JDeveloper, providing the most productive development environment for building custom BI applications.

In this section of the Oracle by Example series, you will learn how to use BI Beans to rapidly develop OLAP focused business insight.

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Focus Areas
 Develop Business Intelligence Objects using OracleBI Beans
Create business intelligence objects using BI Beans. These analytic objects, such as crosstabs, graphs, and calculations, can be used in either HTML-client or Java-client applications.
 Develop Business Intelligence Applications using OracleBI Beans
Create BI Beans HTML-client (JSP) applications and Java-client applications.
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