Headstart for Oracle Apps 11i

To gain competitive advantage or to support new business requirements, organizations may have the requirement to extend the Oracle E-Business Suite with their own modules. Oracle development tools, together with Headstart for Oracle Applications, provide this flexibility. With this mature tool stack you can generate extensions from Oracle Designer in a very productive and flexible manner. This approach gives you the following benefits: 

  • Fast delivery because of the highly productive tool set
  • Fully integrated analysis and design information in a single repository
  • GUI that is fully compliant with forms-based Oracle Applications
  • Easy to maintain systems that are fully documented, fully generated, and completely managed from a central repository 
  • Headstart for Oracle Apps unites the power of both Oracle Designer and the Application Object Library. Headstart for Oracle Apps lets the powerful application generators of Oracle Designer use the objects from AOL. Headstart for Oracle Apps, in conjunction with the Application Object Library, allows the generators to generate application modules that have the same look and feel as the forms used in Oracle Applications. Menus, messaging, navigation, user interface components and special Oracle Applications features are fully generated by Oracle Designer.
  • It is also possible to build applications that interface with the Oracle application server model. You can load these models in Oracle Designer.You can then reference these server model objects, such as views, into your new modules, which allows you to fully generate that module.
  • In addition Headstart for Oracle Apps  provides you with a number of utilities that fully support CDM RuleFrame and boost productivity by automating time consuming and error prone tasks.


Technical Information

PDF Headstart for Oracle Apps 11i Fact Sheet (197kb)
This four page fact sheet gives you a full overview of the functionality and features of Headstart for Oracle Apps 11i
PDF CDM RuleFrameDatasheet (50kb)
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