Oracle Application Development Framework: Tutorial for Forms/4GL Developers (

This tutorial describes how to build an end-to-end Java EE web application using Oracle JDeveloper. Aimed at developers more familiar with 4GL tools, this version of the tutorial uses ADF Business Components to build the data model, and ADF Faces for the client components. The tutorial document is divided into 10 chapters; each one addressing a particular aspect of the application's development.

Note: A sample application is available that's based on the same Service Request theme used in this tutorial. However, the sample application offers functionality beyond the scope of the tutorial and differs in certain respects; the two are not designed to be used together.

Getting Started
 Download the tutorial document (PDF)
 Download the zipped support files (This includes setup files and solution applications. Instructions for installing the setup files are included in Chapter 1 of the tutorial document)
Tutorial Outline
 Chapter 1: Getting Started
 Chapter 2: Developing Data Model Objects
 Chapter 3: Defining the Page Flow and Standards
 Chapter 4: Presenting and Packaging the Data Model
 Chapter 5: Developing a Simple Display Page
 Chapter 6: Developing a Master-Detail Page
 Chapter 7: Implementing Transactional Capabilities
 Chapter 8: Developing a Search Page
 Chapter 9: Developing an Edit Page
 Chapter 10: Deploying the Application to Oracle Application Server 10g


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