Applying the Patch to Sensor Edge Server


In this tutorial, you learn how to apply a patch, for example p5170136_101300_WINNT, to Sensor Edge Server (SES).

Time to Complete

Approximately 20 minutes


This tutorial covers the following topics:

 Applying the Patch
 Related Information

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In this tutorial, you apply the patch labeled p5170136_101300_WINNT to SES.

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Before starting this tutorial, you should:


Have access to or have installed Standard or Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database 9i Release 2 or later version. The steps to install the database are shown in Installing Oracle Database 10g on Windows tutorial.

2. Download and install Oracle Application Server 10g 10.1.3 software from here.
3. Download Oracle Sensor Edge Server software from here.
4. Download the patch from metalink.

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Applying the Patch

To apply the patch to SES, complete the following steps:


Verify that OC4J server is running. (You can verify this by using either the Application Server Control or by using the opmnctl command.)

opmnctl status

If OC4J Server is not running, start the OC4J Server using the following command. Switch to the command prompt, change directory to < edgeserver_home>ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin and issue the command:

opmnctl startall



Open a browser window and enter the following URL:


Log in as oc4jadmin with the OC4J administrator password that you specified during installation. Click Login.



Click the home link on the Cluster Topology page.



Click Applications.



Select edge, and click Redeploy.



Extract the contents of the file. ( is the patch file that you downloaded from metalink.) You should be able to view the following files:

edge.ear: Upgraded SES enterprise application archive file SES Discovery files for Discovery server
readme.txt: Readme file



Click Browse in the Redeploy: Select Archive and deployment plan page. Navigate to the patch directory containing the new edge.ear file. Select the file and click Open. Change the deployment plan to "Automatically create a new deployment plan". Click Next.



Verify that edge is the name of the application in the Application Name field. Click Next.



Click Redeploy to deploy the application.



Verify that the deployment is successful. The patch has now been applied successfully.


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In this tutorial, you learned how to apply a patch to SES.


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Related Information

To learn more about Oracle Sensor Edge Server, refer to additional OBEs on the OTN Web site.

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