Woodstock to ADF Faces Rich Components Matrix


Oracle ADF Faces Components is a set of over a 150 Ajax-enabled JSF components that let you build a richer user interface for your Java EE applications. Oracle ADF Faces also includes many of the framework features most needed by JSF developers today. The following matrix will show you the equivalences between the woodstock components and the ADF Faces Rich Components.

With the recent announcement from Sun that they will no longer be developing the Woodstock set of JSF components, developers might be looking for alternative component sets. Oracle ADF Faces offers a rich set of components that match and exceeds the functionality provided by the woodstock components. Follow the resource on this page to learn how the woodstock components compare to the ADF Faces components and about the additional functionality you can get with the ADF Faces components and the free development environment offered by Oracle JDeveloper 11g.

The following matrix maps the woodstock components with it's related ADF RC, although ADF Faces provides more components and capabilities for creating Rich UIs for enterprise java applications.
Click here to see the full list of Components offered by ADF Faces RC and here for the additional components offered by the ADF Data Visualization components.

To find out more about the Oracle ADF Rich Components visit the ADF Faces home page

Check out our Runtime Hosted Demo where you can get a close contact with all the ADF Faces Rich Components.

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Need to maintain your woodstock application? See how to use woodstock in Oracle JDeveloper.

Woodstock Component

ADF Faces RC Equivalent

Woodstock Component

ADF Faces RC Equivalent

Layout Components

webuijsf:accordion Panel Accordion
webuijsf:accordionTab showDetailItem
webuijsf:anchor goLink
webuijsf:body document with meta tag
webuijsf:bubble noteWindow
webuijsf:contentPageTitle panelHeader
webuijsf:form panelFormLayout
webuijsf:frame <trh:frame>*
webuijsf:frameSet panelGroupLayout
webuijsf:head <trh:head>*
webuijsf:html <trh:html>*
webuijsf:iframe inlineFrame
webuijsf:mastFooter panelStrechLayout, bottom facet
webuijsf:masthead panelHeader
webuijsf:menu menu
webuijsf:page <trh:page>*
webuijsf:pageAlert Non-inline message/messages
webuijsf:pageSeparator separator
webuijsf:panelGroup panelGroupLayout
webuijsf:panelLayout group
webuijsf:progressBar progressIndicator
webuijsf:propertySheet panelFormLayout
webuijsf:propertySheetSection group
webuijsf:tab showDetailItem
webuijsf:tabSet panelTabbed

Composite Components

webuijsf:imageHyperlink goImageLink
webuijsf:orderableList list + implementation of sortable model
webuijsf:versionPage popup+dialogWindow+outputText
webuijsf:wizard Train Task Flow
webuijsf:login ADF Security
webuijsf:wizardBranch Train Taskflow + switcher
webuijsf:wizardBranchSteps Taskflows pageFragments
webuijsf:wizardStep Taskflow pageFragments
webuijsf:alarmStatus message/messages with commandLink/goLink
webuijsf:timeStamp outputText + convertTime
webuijsf:commonTask Composite Component that includes ADF Faces dialog framework and Dynamic Help feature
webuijsf:wizardSubstepBranch Train Taskflow + switcher

Miscellaneous Components

webuijsf:helpInline helpTopicId attribute included in all components
webuijsf:jobStatus StatusIndicator
webuijsf:markup f:verbatim
webuijsf:meta metaContainer facet from document
webuijsf:script resource

Navigation Components

webuijsf:breadcrumbs BreadCrumbs
webuijsf:button commandButton
webuijsf:hyperlink goLink
webuijsf:link commandLink
webuijsf:skipHyperlink skipLinkTarget
webuijsf:themeLinks Part of the ADF Faces Skinning capabilities

Drag and Drop Components

webuijsf:dndContainer AttributeDragSource, collectionDragSource, componentDragSource, dropTarget

Output Components

webuijsf:label OutputLabel
webuijsf:legend outputFormated,outputText
webuijsf:message message
webuijsf:messageGroup messages
webuijsf:notificationPhrase message/messages
webuijsf:staticText outputText

Table Components

webuijsf:table Table
webuijsf:table2 table
webuijsf:table2Column column
webuijsf:table2RowGroup defined within table
webuijsf:tableColumn column
webuijsf:tableRowGroup defined within table
webuijsf:tree tree
webuijsf:treeNode defined within table

Input Components

webuijsf:addRemove AddManyShuttle/selecOrderShuttle
webuijsf:alarm image
webuijsf:alert Message
webuijsf:calendar inputDate
webuijsf:checkbox selectBooleanCheckbox
webuijsf:checkboxGroup selectManyCheckbox
webuijsf:dropDown selectOneChoice
webuijsf:editableField inputText/editMode table
webuijsf:editableList Declarative Component/Composite
webuijsf:fileChooser inputFile
webuijsf:hiddenField inputHidden
webuijsf:image image
webuijsf:listbox selectOneListBox/selectManyListBox
webuijsf:passwordField inputTex with secret flag set to true
webuijsf:property inputText
webuijsf:radioButton selectBooleanRadio
webuijsf:radioButtonGroup selectOneRadio/selectBooleanRadio
webuijsf:rating inputNumberSlider
webuijsf:scheduler chooseDate
webuijsf:textArea inputText with rows set >* 1
webuijsf:textField inputText
webuijsf:upload inputFile

* Part of the Apache MyFaces Trinidad Components

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