Oracle and Verizon Enterprise Solutions 

Oracle and Verizon Enterprise Solutions provide companies with more choice and flexibility in how to deploy Oracle software in the cloud. The relationship enables customers to use Oracle software on Verizon’s cloud infrastructure.
Oracle’s strategy and commitment is to help customers embrace cloud computing. Oracle is working with Verizon to help customers benefit from the cloud by offering Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server on Verizon’s cloud infrastructure.  Customers can deploy Oracle software on Verizon Cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis including software licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the key elements of the relationship?

  • Companies can run Oracle software on Verizon Cloud.
  • Configurations of Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server are available in three service offerings:
    • Subscription license on Verizon Terremark Enterprise Cloud
    • Subscription license and Incident Management Service (Virtual and Physical) with monitoring, quarterly patching, and Tier 1 incident response on Verizon Managed Hosting
    • Subscription license on Fully Managed Service (Virtual and Physical) with monitoring, quarterly patching, Tier 1-3 problem resolution, and change management on Verizon Managed Hosting

How do customers benefit?

Customers can run their temporary, cyclical, and development and test Oracle workloads on Verizon Cloud, giving them greater deployment flexibility and choice with a pay-as-you-go cost model. Verizon can manage time-consuming maintenance and administration tasks including provisioning, backup and restore, software patching, monitoring, and hardware scaling so that customers can focus on innovation and growing their business.

How will support for Oracle be delivered?

Verizon has a long history of providing a breadth of support options for Oracle software from basic monitoring and patching services to full application management and database administration services.  Customers can elect the level of operational support that best fits their business, workload risk profile, and technical requirements - including Base, Guided, Standard, and Premium service tiers.

What Oracle software is supported on Verizon's cloud infrastructure?

Verizon offers subscription access for the following Oracle software:
  • Oracle Database 11g
    • Standard Edition One
    • Standard Edition
    • Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database 12c
    • Standard Edition
    • Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Data Guard 11g
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, 12c
    • Standard Edition

What does this relationship mean for Oracle's strategy with its own public and private clouds?

Oracle’s strategy is to offer a broad portfolio of solutions for public and private clouds, while giving customers choice and flexibility in how they deploy Oracle software in Oracle clouds as well as other clouds.  Oracle’s relationship with Verizon enables customers to deploy Oracle software on Verizon Cloud with the confidence of support from Oracle.  Oracle’s commitment and investment in Oracle public and private cloud solutions is unchanged.