Office Interoperability Center

updated March 17, 2009

Oracle provides a wide range of support for organizations using Microsoft Office in enterprise business processes and applications, information sharing and analysis, and collaboration. Bookmark this page for technical information about interoperating your enterprise apps with Office!

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What's New
Download Oracle Outside In Technology SDKs
These new SDKs give developers programmatic control to access and transform the contents of more than 400 unstructured file formats—from Microsoft Office 2007, to Adobe, to many specialty formats and legacy files.

Download Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE
This new release of Oracle's premier Business Intelligence suite includes an add-in for Microsoft Office that allow you to insert BI request views as native Office tables and BI chart views as native Office charts (among other options); see full feature list here.

Integrating Oracle BI Publisher with Oracle JDeveloper 10g
Learn how to use the FO Processor Engine, XSL-FO Utility, and PDF Document Merger in Oracle XML Publisher.

Interoperating J2EE and Microsoft .Net Applications—What Standards to Adopt? (PDF)
Read this Technical White Paper from "The New SOA Standards" series.

See an Oracle-Microsoft Product Integration Demo
See an online demo of a custom expense reporting application that broadly leverages product integration between Oracle Fusion Middleware and Microsoft Office.

Build an Online Reporting Application Using Oracle BI Publisher
Learn how to create an online reporting environment using XML Publisher technology, step by step.

Developer's Guide
 Oracle Application Server Developer's Guide for Microsoft Office Interoperability - HTML, PDF
 Sample Code for Developer's Guide (ZIP)

Technical Information
Business Intelligence
 Technical White Paper - OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-In (PDF)
 Tutorial - Using the OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-in

User's Guide - Oracle ADI (for Office/E-Business Suite client/server integration) (PDF)

 Technical Presentation - Web ADI: Extending Oracle E-Business Suite with Desktop Applications (PPT)
 Introduction to BI Publisher (PDF)
 Demo - Creating a Report with the Word Template Builder (flash)
 Demo - Creating an Open Balance Letter with the Word Template Builder (flash)
 Demo - Creating an Invoice using MS Invoice Template (flash)
 Technical White Paper - Secure Enterprise Search (PDF)
 Demo - Secure Enterprise Search (flash)
Content Management & Collaboration
 Technical White Paper - Oracle Outside In Technology (PDF)
 Technical White Paper - Oracle Text (PDF)
 Technical White Paper - Oracle Content Services 10g Web Services (PDF)
 Technical Overview - Oracle Connector for Outlook (PDF)
 Demo - Publishing Office Content in Portal from the Windows Desktop (flash)
 Tutorial - How to Install and Configure Oracle Drive