Greenfoot and BlueJ: Intuitive Learning Tools for Computer Programming

In this interview, Michael Kölling, computer science professor at Kent University, explains how Greenfoot and BlueJ, 2 intuitive and innovative learning tools, motivate students to create games and graphics while honing their problem-solving skills.
Part 1: Getting Students Interested in Computer Science
“The interest in computer science starts at school level and not at the university level anymore.” Michael Kölling introduces us to the two popular Java learning tools: Greenfoot and BlueJ. In this interview with Yolande Poirier, he explains the trends in student interest in computer science and the changes in school’s curricula. With the intuitive Greenfoot IDE, Java and kids are no longer incompatible. High schools and after-school programs in addition to university introductory computer science classes are using Greenfoot to introduce students to problem solving, programming and Java.

Podcast 1

Part 2: Greenfoot Hubs, BlueJ and Tons of Resources
With hundreds of thousands of users - a quarter of a million users at any given time - and thousands of teachers using Greenfoot, the Greenfoot Hubs are a network of local educators offering teacher workshops and support to this growing global community. Students creating objects from classes in BlueJ learn OOP concepts faster, according to professors. Learning resources and community access are available for free online. 

Podcast 2

All the student and teacher resources for free:

- Greenfoot Gallery for students to upload games
- Greenroom, a teacher community with hundreds of resources
- New Features: PicoBoard, GamePads and Kinet
- Events:
- Greenfoot Hubs Events

- Teacher Resources
- BlueJ textbook 
- Support
-Blueroom, a teacher community