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10 Million Downloads of BlueJ !!! - The BlueJ environment, a graphic user interface to learn and teach object-oriented programming in Java, currently downloaded by 2.5 million users per year.  BlueJ is currently in use by thousands of teaching institutions, including universities and high schools in 18 natural languages, and has changed the way introductory programming is taught for millions of students.

Blueroom is a new teacher community website for BlueJ users. The new platform is designed for discussions and sharing resources. BlueJ has a strong community of 2.5 million users.

3 Day Java Summer Workshop 2011  Alice and Greenfoot training from the workshop is now available online. Attendees loved it! comments, projects and pictures.

Interview on Greenfoot and Blue  In this interview, Michael Kolling, project lead for Greenfoot and BlueJ talks about the impact of the tools on education

New Greenfoot Teacher Training Network
Greenfoot is a free-to-download software tool that teaches computer programming to pupils from 13 years-old and up.The University of Kent has created an international training network for teachers to learn this widely-adopted programming teaching tool. Thousands of institutions are using Greenfoot for their computer science training. New teacher workshops are currently available in the UK and US.

Greenfoot and Microsoft Kinect™!
Using Greenfoot development software and Microsoft Kinect™ sensor, users animate on-screen characters with their own body movements.
Learn more and try it yourself!

Greenfoot wins the 2010 Premier Awards for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware.