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Java Technology Fundamentals provides a way for you to learn the basics of the Java programming language, discover new resources, and keep up-to-date on the latest additions to the JDC's New to Java Programming Center.

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Index of 2007 Issues

July 2007
Getting to Know Sequence Diagrams, File Objects, NetBeans Modules and Rich - Client Applications Learning Trail

June 2007
Learn About Generating UML From the NetBeans IDE, 'Hello World' for the NetBeans IDE, Data Transfer and Why to Move to Java EE.

May 2007
Learn the Importance of Unified Modeling Language (UML), 2D Graphics, Sound, and What Is a JavaServer Page (JSP).

April 2007
Learn how to plan for your application with Use cases, how to use the NetBeans IDE for UML, and see what's coming at the JavaOne Conference for new Java developers.

March 2007
Learn how "exceptions" work, how to create JavaBeans and design with MVC, and getting started with the NetBeans Visual Web Pack 5.5

February 2007
Learn how to pass information to a constructor, use Object as a superclass, create and edit source files, and build applets in the NetBeans IDE.

January 2007
Generics for Beginners, the Numbers class, GUI Building, Using JDBC in Web Applications, and Adding Functionality to Buttons


Index of 2006 Issues

November 2006
Using Regular Expressions, Actions, and Learn to Package and Deploy

October 2006
Learn about getting Sun certified and discover the Java technologies

August 2006
Learn about concurrancy, garbage collection, and the two new sections being added to the newsletter.

July 2006
Making Sense of the Java Classes & Tools: Collection Interfaces, What's New in the Java SE 6 Platform Beta 2

June 2006
CardLayout Manager and JTabbedPane, Creating a Sorted JList Component

May 2006
Learn how to use JColorChooser, Java DB, and File Upload in Java Studio Creator.

March 2006
Learn to use the File class, the java.util.concurrent package, and learn how the lifecycle of an object works. Also, discover what's new in tools and Sun courses.

February 2006
Learn how to use the SpringLayout Manager, BoxLayout, and how to use file choosers. Also, discover the lastest in tutorials for various development tools.

January 2006
Learn how to create tabs in text panes, understand algorithms, beat common problems, and discover image embossing.

Index of 2005 Issues

December 2005
Learn the the caret and highlighter Interfaces of text components, how to access system resources, and create and derive fonts.

November 2005
Learn how to draw boxes around characters and strings, use borders, learn more about Java 2D, and learn about the RMI API.

October 2005
Learn how to fill shapes, how to use Enumerated types, understand Locale, and learn how to handle web application input in this issue.

September 2005
Learn how to transfer data from the clipboard, how to use class JTextComponent, understand regular expressions, and learn how to create an animimation application.

August 2005
Learn how to transfer data using XML technology, how to use the System Class, and how to use the Java 2D API.

July 2005
Learn how to display multiple messages in JOptionPane, discover the new Java 2D features in 5.0, learn how to use assertions, and discover pixel pushing.

June 2005
Learn how to copy and clone arrays, learn about the JDBC API, and discover language lessons.

May 2005
Learn formatting with JFormattedTextField, the Java Extension Mechanism, and read about the JDK 5.0 naming scheme. Also, see updates in the New to Java Center and discover the latest Java courses special offer.

April 2005
Learn how to use the Preferences API, discover how to resolve thread problems, create custom popup menus, and more.

March 2005
Learn about memory management, the File class, and decide which Sun IDE would best suit your development needs.

February 2005
Learn how to create tool tips, use basic tools, understand code conventions, and get the latest Tiger Tips.

January 2005
Learn how to use variable arguments lists, the new JConsole utility to monitor applications, and discover ways to learn what you need to know to get Sun certified.

Index of 2004 Issues

December 2004
Learn how to use javac lint, the Properties class, Swing's Pluggable Look and Feel, and follow a tutorial about the JDBC RowSet Implementations.

October 2004
Learn about the new enhanced each-for loop, the ABCs of synchronization, the Formatter and StringBuilder classes, and the latest courses in this issue of Fundamentals.

September 2004
Drag and Drop, Java Speech API,Making Sense of the BigDecimal Class, and Getting Started With the Sun Java Desktop.

August 2004
Learn about autoboxing, one the new features in J2SE v5, also get insights into transferring data.

July 2004
Learn about basic audio support in your applications and applets, test what you learned with an online quiz, discover the latest in Sun's web and instructor courses, and read about the Java Communications API.

June 2004
Learn about the Logging API, learn more about servlets and JavaServer Pages, and read about the upcoming 2004 JavaOne Conference.

May 2004
Learn how to use assertions, and how to create online applications with JavaServer Pages technology.

April 2004
Learn how to work with ZIP files, and use the ProgressMonitor class to display the progress of operations in your applications.

March 2004
Learn networking basics and all about sockets.

January 2004
Learn the basics of image handling, and make sense of the classes EditorKit and JEditorPane.

Index of 2003 Issues

October 2003
Learn about properties, how to use the Properties and BorderFactory classes, and read the Java Technology Fundamentals chat transcript.

September 2003
Learn about class loading, the ClassLoading class, what's new in Sun Education, and Java Live chats.

August 2003
Learn how to use reflection and class Class, and learn about class Object, the top of the Java hierarchy. In addition, try the latest Java Workbook exercise and take an online quiz.

July 2003
Learn recursion, and how to use the Calendar and GregorianCalendar classes, then test what you know about error handling with the lastest Java Workbook exercise.

June 2003
Learn about overloading and overriding methods, how to use the URL class, and creating a simple search.

May 2003
Learn JavaBean basics, what the JavaOne conference is all about, and do a new Java Workbook exercise.

April 2003
Learn how to use sorting in your applications, and how to work with data to be internationalized.

March 2003
Learn about using Swing components with applets, and applet security.

February 2003
Learn how to create applets, threads in applets, and how to use the MediaTracker class.

January 2003
Learn how to use inner classes and the JPasswordField class.

Index of 2002 Issues

December 2002
Learn about interfaces, how to create Font objects, and how to create list menus from the JComboBox and JList classes.

November 2002
Learn how to create colors, play audio clips, and use the JSlider class.

October 2002
Learn how to use threads, the JOptionPane class, and create boolean statements.

September 2002
Learn about object serialization, and how to draw shapes using the Graphics and Polygon classes.

August 2002
Learn about event handlers and adapter classes for your GUI programming.

July 2002
Learn how to work with hash tables, and discover the difference between the equals method and the == operator.

June 2002
Learn how to connect to a database using JDBC technology, and then test yourself to see how much you learned.

April 2002
Learn how to use layout managers, understand uses for the Box and JTabbedPane classes, and the purpose of the main method in an application.

March 2002
Learn how to cast one type to another, use the Collection, Iterator, and List interfaces, and follow good programming practices.

February 2002
Learn about variable scope, how to use the File and BufferedReader classes, and discover more programming shortcuts.

January 2002
This issue explains the use of the keywords super and this, how inheritance works, and how to build a JFrame.

Index of 2001 Issues

December 2001
Learn to read and write to files using the FileInputStream and FileOutput stream classes, discover the differences and similarities between the J2SE and J2EE platforms, and discover what's new in the New to Java Programming Center.

November 2001
Learn to use loop constructs, programming shortcuts, the StringBuffer class, and try a new crossword puzzle to test your familiarity with Java keywords.

October 2001
Learn how to convert a String to a numerical value, then format that value using the NumberFormat class. Also, read what AWT and Project Swing have in common, and try this month's Program Challenge.

September 2001
Learn how to use if/ else and switch statements, discover the two types of variables, and practice your skills with a Program Challenge and a new online crossword puzzle.

August 2001
Learn the differences between objects, classes, and constructors, put the ArrayList class to work in a new Program Challenge, test your Java terminology with an interactive crossword puzzle, and more.

July 2001
Read about declaring arrays, creating a ScoresAverage program, and using the System class in this first issue.