The New SOA Standards

In this series of Technical White Papers, learn about key initiatives that are driving the next generation of software infrastructures. You will get a flavor of what Oracle is doing to innovate service-oriented architectures and how we are driving new technology standards. You will also learn how Oracle products are implementing these new standards to provide you with the most advanced software infrastructure and tools to develop tomorrow's applications.

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What Constitutes the Next-Generation SOA Infrastructure?

Develop new services and expose existing applications as services using standards and service-oriented development techniques, including JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, WS-RM, WS-Addressing, WS-Eventing, Registry and REST.

Enterprise Service Buses: Where are They Going?

Integrate services with reliable messaging, data transformation, and intelligent routing capabilities from a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus. Learn about new developments in routing, mediation, XMLQuery, JBI, and SCA.

Business Process Management and BPEL 2.0: What's New for SOA Orchestration?

Get the latest on BPEL 2.0, BPEL for People, and CDL.

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Web Services Security: What's Required to Secure an SOA?

Learn your way around new security standards such as XKMS, XACML, WS-Security, XML-ENC, XML-SIG, SAML, WS-Trust, and WS-Fed.

SOA Governance: What's Required to Govern and Manage an SOA?

Governance is a hot topic in IT these days. What's required to govern and manage an SOA? Why do you need a services registry, what are WS-Policy and WS-DM, and how can Oracle Web Services Manager help you on your governance project?

JavaServer Faces, Ajax, and Flash: Next Generation User Interfaces?
How to build next generation user interfaces without becoming a JavaScript expert. Learn how to leverage JavaServer Faces to develop rich and interactive user interfaces using Ajax, JavaScript, DHTML, and Flash as underlaying technologies.

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Programming Loosly Coupled Data Oriented Systems in Java: What Do They Offer?

How to simplify database access from Java. Learn how code annotations and EJB-Query improvements make it easier to develop data intensive applications with EJB 3.0 and the Java Persistence API (JPA).

Integrating Information & Applications with Portals: What Standards to Pursue?

Learn how to integrate heterogeneous information and applications into highly interactive and collaborative portals using industry standards such as JSR-168, WSRP 2.0, and JSR-170.

Oracle WebCenter Suite Provides Web 2.0 Services for Enterprise Developers

How to take advantage of Web 2.0 style collaboration in the enterprise. Learn how to use Wikis, Blogs, RSS, Mash-ups, and standards such as REST and ATOM.

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Integrating VoIP and Presence into Your Enterprise Applications

How to open up enterprise applications to emerging technologies like VoIP—learn about VoIP-related standards such as SIP, SIP Servlet, JAIN SIP and JSR 116.

Interoperating .Net and J2EE Applications: What Standards to Adopt?

How to run heterogeneous J2EE and .Net environments; learn how to achieve interoperability using open standards such as WS-Interoperability, WS-Policy, WS-Reliable Messaging and other WS-* specifications.

Oracle's Commitment to the Eclipse Community

How to use Eclipse as a development tool for Oracle Application Server? Learn about Oracle's Eclipse plugins for user interfaces development with JSF, component development with EJB 3.0, and business process development with BPEL 2.0.

Oracle Support for the Spring Framework

Oracle Application Server is seamlessly integrated with many popular open source projects, including the Spring Framework. Learn how to use Spring together with Oracle Containers for J2EE, Oracle TopLink, and Oracle JDeveloper.