Oracle HCM Topics and Trends

Talent Scarcity


A Framework for Implementing World–Class Talent Management

Focus on talent management.
Customer Story

Get the Best from your People

Standard Life deploys leading-edge talent management technology.
Analyst Report

Oracle a Leader in the IDC Vendor Analysis

IIDC MarketScape: Worldwide Integrated Talent Management 2014 Vendor Assessment.

Rethinking talent management for happier welfare

Putting people at the heart of an innovative European public sector

HCM Social and Gamification

Uber’s skill-building game points to some serious possibilities for recruiting skilled employees

Preparing for the Teletubby-Trained Mobile Workforce

The Teletubbies are returning to television and sporting a new look, complete with touch screen bellies. Considering the (UK) show is aimed at children who in many cases can’t even speak yet, this is a telling indication that we’re now fully immersed in the digital age.

Three Steps to Get Big Data Ready for HR

Big data will revolutionize HR practices – here is how to hit the ground running with your implementation

The Employee Engagement Debate Continues

Businesses believe employee engagement is important to their success, but few can accurately measure how. Oracle’s Andy Campbell discusses how they can best go about solving this challenge

Meeting the Challenge of the Empowered Employee

What social media did for customers it is now poised to do for employees, and this has some big ramifications for HR teams

Looking for new talent?

Oracle’s Joachim Skura describes a new and effective approach to talent acquisition

Staff Data Crunching Must Blend Efficiency and Empathy

Data can tell bosses more about their workforce and business but they must use it wisely to improve efficiency not reduce trust.

Charisma in Business Leadership

While businesses gain much from charismatic leaders it is important to plan for what comes next. That’s where HR can add value.

Going Digital – The Need to Transform HR

By embracing the digital revolution HR can serve employees better than ever

HR Transformation – The Key to Being a Successful Leader

The Best HR Leaders are Proactive and Ready to Evolve.

Getting Recruitment Right in Retail

Design your recruitment process to find and retain the best retail talent.

Think Social Recruiting is Easy? Think Again

Authentic social recruiting requires time, effort and deep understanding.

How Can HR Become the Champion of Business Transformation?

HR must take ownership of company culture, employee engagement and the working environment.

Prioritising Core Values to Drive Employee Engagement and Retention

Connect strategy with culture, goals with engagement and values with actions to improve retention.

HR Tech World

Oracle previews the world’s premier HR tech event.

Health and Wellness

Businesses will benefit from encouraging a healthy mind and a healthy body in the workplace.

Data analytics and bananas

A recent CIPD Scotland conference reminds us that when it comes to data, you just can’t get enough.

When the Pyramid Becomes a Cube

As the European workforce demographic changes, businesses must look to manage their talent in innovative ways.

HR Tech World Congress

From user engagement through to the haka, Andy Campbell reviews HR Tech World from an Oracle perspective.

Digital Disruption in the Financial Services Industry

HR must continue helping these industries transform.

Health & wellness

Connected devices and cloud based applications are making it easier than ever for companies to ensure workers are healthy and engaged.

Next-generation Cloud

Modern HR in the Cloud

Employee Experience

Workforce Insight

Global HR


Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services