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Employee Experience

Meeting the Challenge of the Empowered Employee
What social media did for customers it is now poised to do for employees, and this has some big ramifications for HR teams

Employee Engagement Debate Continues

The Employee Engagement Debate Continues
Businesses believe employee engagement is important to their success, but few can accurately measure how. Oracle’s Andy Campbell discusses how they can best go about solving this challenge

Get Bigdata Ready for HR

Three Steps to Get Big Data Ready for HR :
Big data analytics has a huge role to play in the future of HR, but it is important that HR teams get prepared in the right way. Here are our tips to make sure that your data is ready for the big data revolution.

Social Recruiting

Are you talking to me? Social Recruiting gets a reality check
Oracle’s recent social recruiting event reveals businesses still have a lot to learn about engaging young people via social media.

Teletubby-Trained Mobile Workforce

Preparing for the Teletubby-Trained Mobile Workforce
The Teletubbies are returning to television and sporting a new look, complete with touch screen bellies. Considering the (UK) show is aimed at children who in many cases can’t even speak yet, this is a telling indication that we’re now fully immersed in the digital age.

People-centric Talent Management

If the driving shoe fits...
Uber’s skill-building game points to some serious possibilities for recruiting skilled employees

People-centric Talent Management

From the Pub to the Cloud
Making the case for cloud in public sector HR

People-centric Talent Management

Rethinking talent management for happier welfare
Putting people at the heart of an innovative European public sector

HCM Social Recruiting

HCM Social Recruiting
It’s Time to get Serious about Social in HCM

HCM in the cloud

The pendulum swings back
When it comes to the cloud IT and business must work together, but somebody needs to be in charge, and that is the CIO

HR Recruitment and Social Media

HR Recruitment and Social Media
Embrace Diversity and Congruence in the Workplace

Performance Management and Security Compliance

Performance Management and Security Compliance
The Need to Take a Look under the Covers

Employee Engagement and Talent-Management

Employee Engagement and Talent-Management
Productivity Means Knowing Your Employees

Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

Reinventing Database Protection
Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance offers an unparalleled approach to database protection.

Turning Service Excellence into Sales

Oracle Announces Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System
The most intelligent flash storage in the industry, coengineered for Oracle software.

Java Takes the Wheel

Java Takes the Wheel
Perrone Robotics delivers a Java-based system to test today's new crash avoidance technologies.

SPARC M7 Processor Innovation Leverages Software in Silicon

SPARC M7 Processor Innovation Leverages 'Software in Silicon'
Oracle announces the SPARC M7 processor, featuring 32 CPU cores for blazing-fast performance.

Oracle Customer 2 Cloud Program

Oracle Customer 2 Cloud Program
Oracle's financial models and packaged integration services help you exploit cloud applications.

Tame the Cloud Integration Beast at Oracle OpenWorld

Tame the Cloud Integration Beast at Oracle OpenWorld
Find out how service-oriented architecture can connect cloud apps with on-premise systems.

Oracle's Fast Data Solutions

Oracle's Fast Data Solutions
Find out how to turn high-velocity data into value, enabling faster insights and faster action.

Solaris 11.2

Announcing Oracle Solaris 11.2
A complete enterprise platform, engineered for cloud.

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