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Performance Tuning in RAC
Online Training

with Arup Nanda
10th November 2011 & 7th February 2012
Oracle University is proud to invite you to attend an exclusive online training, delivered by  Arup Nanda, one of Oracle's database experts. This online seminar consists of four modules of about two hours each and will cover advanced concepts in RAC Performance Tuning. All concepts will be illustrated with live examples and real-life stories from the instructor’s personal experience.
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Arup Nanda

Arup Nanda has been an Oracle DBA for more than 14 years working on all aspects of Oracle database from modeling, performance tuning, backup, disaster recovery to security. He has co-authored four books (RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 11g, 2007-Apress, Oracle Database 11g New Features Guide, 2007 - Oracle Press, Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs, 2005 - O'Reilly, Oracle Privacy Security Auditing, 2003 - Rampant Techpress) written more than 300 articles and presented some 100 times at various Oracle technology conferences. He is an OTN ACE Director and a member of the Oak Table Network.

Quotes from attendees
“Planning to use this knowledge at work. Very good teacher, high level of knowledge”

“Instructor was really knowledgeable and a strong expert on his topics. Not every day is it possible to learn from the best.”

“I like that he insists to make everything clear and I like the power he tries to give to students.”
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  • Would you like to learn how to use correct application design to avoid RAC issues?
  • Do you want to understand the various areas of RAC that contribute to performance?
  • Do you want to learn how to assess the performance of each component?
  • Would you like to understand how the Cache Fusion really works, not how it is advertised?
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Module 1: RAC Fundamentals
  • What is RAC architecture
  • Locking and Latching
  • Buffer Cache Management
  • CR Processing and Past Image
  • How Cache Fusion Works
  • Concept of Buffer Lock
  • How Resource is Mastered
Module 2: RAC Wait Event and Tuning
  • Placeholder event
  • Blocking Events -vs- Grant Events
  • Explanation of each event and why they occur
  • How to measure Wait Events
  • How to reduce these wait events
Module 3: Measurement Techniques
  • Correct way to get execution plan
  • Wait Interface
  • Tracing using 10046 and dbms_monitor
  • Consolidating tracefiles
  • Hanganalyze
  • Calculating the traffic over the interconnect
  • Measuring performance of interconnect
  • Associating AWR Reports to views
Module 4: Additional Tuning
  • Sequences
  • Library Cache
  • Buffer Busy Waits
  • Interconnect tuning
  • Parallel Query Tuning
  • Issues on one instance causing the issue on the other


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