SQL Masterclass
Online Training with Rob van Wijk


17 January 2012
14:00-18:00 CET


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Meet the Expert

Andrejus Baranovskis

Rob van Wijk works as a principal Oracle consultant for CIBER in the Netherlands.

He began his career as an Oracle developer in 1995, working with Oracle*Forms, Oracle*Reports and Oracle*Designer.

Currently, his main areas of expertise are Oracle Database, SQL, PL/SQL, performance and APEX with a focus on designing and developing highly maintainable software that runs as efficiently as possible.

He answers Oracle, Stack Overflow and SQL related questions at OTN's SQL and PL/SQL forum and maintains an Oracle blog at http://rwijk.blogspot.com.

Rob has presented at various national and international conferences such as Oracle OpenWorld and UKOUG and in 2008, he received an Oracle ACE award for his contributions to the Oracle community.

Live Virtual Oracle Expert Seminar

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Why should you attend this seminar?

  • To learn about the most interesting newer features of the SQL language
  • To develop more effective and efficient programs by being able to recognize when and where pure SQL solutions are preferred
  • To know why doing more with SQL matters
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Do More With SQL, Analytic Functions & SQL Model Clause
  • Why and when is letting the SQL engine doing more work for you going to be beneficial.
  • Analytic functions and the SQL model clause.
Grouping, Recursive Subquery Factoring and Frequently Occurring Problems
  • Grouping, aggregating and the group by extensions, subquery factoring and recursive subquery factoring.
  • SQL challenges such row generation, splitting comma separated strings, pivoting and string aggregation and how these can be best implemented depending on your Oracle version.
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