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Advanced SQL Tuning Tips & Techniques
Online Training

with Dan Hotka
6th-9th September 2011 (12:00 - 4:00PM CET)

Oracle University invites you to register now to attend an exclusive Online Training delivered by our SQL expert, Dan Hotka. You will be looking at execution with an Explain Plan, which shows how a relational database accesses data, and at how to retrieve the right data from your Oracle Database. All concepts will be illustrated with live examples and real-life stories from the instructor’s personal experience.
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Dan Hotka

Dan Hotka is a training specialist and an internationally recognised Oracle expert. He has over 31 years experience in the computer industry - over 26 years of them working with Oracle products. Dan's latest book is the TOAD Handbook (Pearson). He is also the author of SQL Developer Handbook (Oracle Press), Oracle 9i Development By Example, and Oracle 8i from Scratch (Que). He has co-authored 7 other well-known books including the Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration (Oracle Press). He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals and regularly speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world. Visit his website at

Quotes from attendees
“Planning to use this knowledge at work. Very good teacher, high level of knowledge”

“Instructor was really knowledgeable and a strong expert on his topics. Not every day is it possible to learn from the best.”

“I like that he insists to make everything clear and I like the power he tries to give to students.”
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  • Would you like to learn some tips and techniques for good relational/application design?
  • Do you want to learn what are the new features in Oracle10g/11g that will have an effect on your migrated applications?
  • Do you take a close look at Indexes – how they work and how they are selected and advanced topics such as clustering factor and other reasons indexes may NOT be selected?
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  Day 1: SQL Statement Tuning
  • Oracle RDBMS Architecture overview
  • Review Reading and Interpreting Explain Plans
  • Understanding the Cost-based Optimizer
  Day 2: Advanced Index Review/Tips & Techniques
  • Review CBO Hints – displaying internal hints Oracle considers
  Day 3: Advanced SQL Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques
Review SGA Memory Structures including:
  • Buffer Cache
  • Result Cache
  • Library Cache
SQL Trace File Analysis
  • Using TOAD (new features), TKProf, and SQL Developer
  • Using SQL TXPlan (new free Oracle SQL analysis tool)
A close look at other useful Oracle Traces
  • 10053 CBO Trace
  • 10030 & 31 Sort Traces
  • 10104 Hash Join Traces
Oracle Internals: How Oracle writes
  • Various Space Management Issues discussed
  • Monitoring Sorting
Day 4: Finding Problem SQL using v$ information
  • Using Automated Workload Repository
  • Review the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Review the usefulness of Database Replay
  • PL/SQL Tuning Tips and the PL/SQL Profiler

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