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Oracle Expert Seminar

RAC Performance Tuning
On-Line with Arup Nanda

08 August 2014
11:00 - 19:00 CET

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Oracle University Expert Seminars are exclusive events delivered by top Oracle experts with years of experience in working with Oracle products.

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About the trainer:
Arup Nanda

Arup Nanda

Arup Nanda has been an Oracle DBA for more than 14 years working on all aspects of Oracle Database from modelling, performance tuning, backup, disaster recovery to security. Check Arup's blog.

RAC Performance Tuning On-Line with Arup Nanda

  • 4 modules
  • 8-hour seminar
  • Real world examples
  • Objective: improving the performance of the RAC system.

The foundation of any tuning depends heavily on the proper diagnosis, therefore this seminar will start with the building the knowledge on the RAC system with respect to performance. All the concepts will be shown with live examples and real life stories from Arup Nanda's experience.
Students will learn how to assess the performance using various tools and techniques available in Oracle and how to use the output in developing a strategy to handle performance issues.

The stress point is on the word "strategy", as the seminar aims to help the student master the art of the strategy building based on evidence collected; not just a blind shot at the problem using various ad-hoc approaches.

Seminar topics::

  • Module 1: RAC Fundamentals
  • Module 2: RAC Wait Event and Tuning
  • Module 3: Measurement Techniques
  • Module 4: Additional Tuning
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