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Upcoming Oracle Database Expert Seminars

Live Virtual Seminars:

Classroom Seminars:
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Oracle University Expert Seminars are exclusive events delivered by top Oracle experts with years of experience in working with Oracle products.
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Expert Seminar - Oracle Database

The Oracle Database is packed with features to help you safely and easily manage change and to provide high performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and highest security for your enterprise. Review our recommended expert seminars and select the course that’s right for you:
Live Virtual Expert Seminars:
Beating the Optimizer with Jonathan Lewis 29-30 April 2014 Online
Minimize Downtime with Rolling Upgrade using Data Guard with Uwe Hesse 30 April 2014 Online
Advanced RMAN On-Line with Arup Nanda 02 May 2014 Online
RAC Performance Tuning On-Line with Arup Nanda 16 May 2014 Online
Classroom Training:
Ask Tom Live: A 2-day Seminar with Tom Kyte 01-02 April 2014 Belgrade, Serbia
Optimizing for Performance with Joze Senegacnik 07-08 April 2014 Istanbul, Turkey
Advanced SQL Tuning Tips and Techniques with Dan Hotka 06-07 May 2014 Munich, Germany
PLSQL Secure Coding with Pete Finnigan 20 May 2014 Warsaw, Poland

Study the Oracle Database at your own pace with Training On Demand
Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators Preview
Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration Preview
Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators DBA Preview

You can book these seminars and Training on Demand courses online. For more information, advice or assistance with booking, please contact your local Oracle University Service Desk.
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