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Oracle University Expert Seminars are exclusive events delivered by top Oracle experts with years of experience in working with Oracle products.

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About the trainers

Tim Fox

Tim Fox

Tim Fox has been working with the Oracle database for over 20 years, starting with version 5 in 1989. His strong development background combined with his database skills make him a excellent resource for solving difficult performance related problems. In 2010, Tim became heavily involved with Oracle’s Exadata Database Machine and he has been involved in many Exadata implementations.

Andy Colvin

Andy Colvin

Andy Colvin has worked with Oracle databases for more than 10 years. In the past years he has focused primarily on Exadata, leading 6 separate Exadata implementation projects and has worked on over 30 Exadata installations, ranging from V2 quarter racks to large X2-8 systems. His experience with Exadata includes configuration from the factory image, migrating databases to Exadata, troubleshooting, backup and recovery and applying Exadata patches.

Oracle Exadata Live Virtual Expert Seminars

Introduction to Exadata Performance and Best Practices with Tim Fox

This seminar provides a technical overview of Exadata’s architectural differences and performance advantages, plus gives you an idea how the usual Oracle performance monitoring and troubleshooting tools can be used on Exadata.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Gain understanding in the Smart Scanning flow on Exadata
  • Watch a live Exadata Performance demo
  • Monitor performance on Exadata
  • Learn about Exadata-specific performance data in Grid Control 12c, AWR, ASH and SQL Monitoring reports
  • Find out how to improve the performance using Essbase and Times Ten in Memory Databases in the data warehouse projects
  • Get answers to your Exadata performance questions from Tim Fox
08-09 May 2014
14:00 - 18:00 CET

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Getting Ready for Exadata Implementation with Andy Colvin

This seminar gives you a unique chance to learn real life “war stories” from 100+ Exadata implementations, countless setups, migrations, patching and even some recovery tasks. There will be demos executed on Exadata machines to give you a feel of how the day-to-day life with Exadata looks in practice.

In this seminar you will:

  • Gain insight in how the Exadata hardware solution, a top-to-bottom engineered system, differs from the traditional hardware + software configurations out there
  • Learn what kind of mindset changes would be required for deploying Exadata in a data centre and what kind of changes are usually required in the DBA, sysadmin, storage and network teams’ responsibilities
  • Learn operational best practices for Exadata and what Exadata changes in day-to-day DBA life
  • Gain insight in how the Exadata monitoring works with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, which has deep Exadata integration built into it
  • See how the Exadata full stack patching works and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different patching strategies
  • Gain understanding in how to back up large databases on Exadata and ensure resilience and high availability
  • Get your Exadata implementation and infrastructure questions answered by Oracle ACE Andy Colvin, who has been hands-on with Exadata work on a daily basis for multiple years
15-16 May 2014
14:00 - 18:00 CET
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