Stay on top of Corporate Governance

Running a successful business is not just about being a great visionary or entrepreneur. Ensuring your organisation complies with all relevant laws, regulations and appropriate business practices is no less important.

The larger the organisation and the more complex its structures, the more difficult it is to maintain control and visibility, and to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Midsize organisations have the advantage of a shorter chain of command, but laws and regulations must still be adhered to and cannot be ignored.

Oracle GRC: a complete solution for compliance
With conventional approaches to compliance, hours and days can be spent manually collecting and analysing reams of data and preparing the necessary statutory reports.

Oracle frees up this time by providing an instant and comprehensive insight into all activities affected by compliance obligations. Only Oracle provides a single platform for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) that lets you view what is happening across the organisation, ensures that all relevant information is included in your decisions and complies with all necessary regulations and obligations. Oracle GRC works with Oracle and non-Oracle systems to provide a comprehensive solution for organisation-wide compliance.




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