Ensuring Data Protection

Your organisation's information resources are among its most valuable assets. You probably already have some protection measures in place, like antivirus and similar products. But risks can come from many different directions – inside as well as outside. Network outages, systems failures, lost or stolen laptops, accidental data deletion – unfortunately, they are all everyday occurrences.

Recent compliance regulations have also brought data protection requirements in their wake. There are more and more directives covering data security, traceability and retention, regular backups and archiving. Keeping up with changing requirements and ensuring your information systems are up to date can be time-consuming – and time is probably something you don’t have a lot of.

Oracle offers you a reliable information infrastructure that automates many backup and retention processes. So if a system crashes, all of your data will have been saved up to the moment of the incident. And with Oracle, you get multiple levels of security, including access protection, user ID management, data encryption, and fail-safe operation. This dramatically reduces your business risks, cuts costs, ensures continuity in the event of an outage, and automates compliance processes. That saves you time – and gives you peace of mind.

What you can do now
Wondering how well your organisation protects its data? Why not test yourself with a few short questions on the Oracle Self Assessment Test Portal for Midsize Organisations? You'll receive an individual evaluation with a neutral view of your capabilities in this crucial area, along with some suggestions of how to round out any weaker areas. It is totally free, doesn't commit you to anything, and won't take up much of your time. Interested?

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