Globalisation: The world is getting smaller …

In order to survive as international markets converge, organisations must have fast and efficient business processes. In addition to integrating different physical sites, ease of organisation-wide communication is also a critical success factor.

Information such as emails, diary entries, faxes and other important documents must be readily accessible at any time, from any location, and by any device.

Oracle puts the right information in the right place at the right time
With Oracle Portal, you can provide a single point of access to information and applications, an approach that is proven to optimise business processes and reduce costs. Behind the scenes, the Oracle database provides the levels of security, reliability and performance you would expect from Oracle – for example, sensitive data is only made accessible to authorised users. Oracle Portal can also be extended to external partners like contractors and service providers, enabling the whole communications chain to be streamlined.

Oracle Portal is available as a stand-alone product and Enterprise Edition.




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