Optimising Information Insight

Managers can find it frustrating to make important decisions when they don't have all the information they need at their fingertips. Or when it’s all in different systems and formats, making it hard to have a meaningful overview. With an open infrastructure that unifies and consolidates your information, you get an at-a-glance snapshot of the information you need at the moment you need it.

This is information insight – the difference between a collection of data and an integrated information resource spanning your organisation. It gives you a competitive edge because you can respond to emerging opportunities faster. It also has a direct effect on customer satisfaction, because you can spot trends quicker, making it easier to meet their needs. Information insight also boosts staff productivity because everyone is working with the same version of the data and can collaborate better as a result.

Because Oracle's technology is based on open standards, it's ideally suited as the cost-effective foundation of your integrated information resource. Whatever systems and applications you are using, Oracle technology interconnects them all to provide you with faster, more reliable decision-making. It also helps you protect and leverage the technology investments you have already made because you’ll get more value out of your existing infrastructure.

What you can do now
By answering a few questions on our self-assessment portal about the quality of your organisation's information insight, you will receive an objective overview of what you are doing right in this area and some ideas on how to do even better. It is totally free, doesn't commit you to anything, and will take just a few minutes. Sound interesting?

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